Eco-Friendly Smart Homes Are Good For The Environment

Each single day, individuals from all walks of life begin enjoying the various benefits a wise home provides. Money savings and convenience the list, however, clever house owners may also feel good their house makes Mother Earth grin.

If you have always wondered what makes a wise house"smart" and the way the intelligent house supports an environmentally aware lifestyle you have come to the ideal location.

Reflection Bullet Camera WiFi Outdoor CamAlways know what’s going on around your home by installing the Reflection Bullet Camera Wi-Fi Outdoor Cam. With Super HD video quality, this home security camera produces live video and even works well at night. In fact, it can actually..

Sony XH85 4K TVNo matter the size of your living space, the Sony XH85 4K TV will fit right in. Though, thanks to its gorgeously simple modern design, it’s sure to stand out. Available in 43-inch and 49-inch sizes, this isn’t a gigantic..

Forget about forgetting your keys by installing the Ultraloq UL3 BT Smart Lever Lock on your front door. This keyless smart lock uses a fingerprint scanner for top-notch security. No one else has your fingerprint, so no one else can..

Ring Next-Generation Video Doorbell 3Packed with more security features than before, the Ring Next-Generation Video Doorbell 3 has your safety in mind. In fact, this new Ring doorbell has even better motion-detection capabilities than other models. It also has better Wi-Fi connectivity than before...

Sony XH95 4K LED TVYou can get the worst seat in the house and still clearly see whatever you’re watching on the Sony XH95 4K LED TV. This gorgeous television comes in five different sizes, each of which has slim bezels. Aside from creating..

C by GE Full Color LED Light StripIf you want to add brightness to your home, use the C by GE Full Color LED Light Strip. These lights have a peel-and-stick adhesive, making it easy to place them anywhere. Plus, you can customize them by cutting the..

TP-Link Kasa Smart Bulb Warm Amber LightCreate a comforting atmosphere in your home with the TP-Link Kasa Smart Bulb Warm Amber Light. The 40-watt and 400-lumen warm amber bulb may use modern technology, but it sure produces a vintage feel. This gorgeous bulb emits an amber..

TP-Link Kasa Spot Wire-Free Outdoor Camera SystemBecause it doesn’t require any wires, the TP-Link Kasa Spot Wire-Free Outdoor Camera System works anywhere. Seriously, you can install this wireless camera inside, outside, up high, down low, and pretty much wherever you want. Moreover, this security camera setup..

EZVIZ DB1 Wi-Fi Smart DoorbellSee everything on your front porch with the EZVIZ DB1 Wi-Fi Smart Doorbell. While some front door cameras show you a person’s face, this smart home doorbell ensures you can see whoever’s there from head to toe. In fact, this..

Arlo Pro 3 Wireless Security Camera SystemIf you don’t like complicated gadgets, you’ll love the Arlo Pro 3 Wireless Security Camera System. This new Arlo camera gives you all you need with a simple setup that takes just minutes to install. But just because installation is..

The Slide Minimalist Thermostat is a beautiful concept design that acts in opposition to complicated gadgets. Keep your home a peaceful place where you can rest rather than worry about setting your devices. With this sliding thermostat, managing your home’s..

Home security device placed by a windowAll you need is a smartphone and Wi-Fi to get the Kangaroo Motion + Entry Sensor Home Security Device up and running. Simply set it up by a point of entry to your home, and you’ll be notified whenever someone..

Know what’s happening at every entrance to your home with the iSmartAlarm Contact Sensor Door & Window Alarm. This compact gadget attaches to both sides of your door or window, notifying you instantly if it opens. In fact, this iSmartAlarm..

Make sure no one goes unnoticed in your home with the Hoop Cam+ Smart AI Indoor Camera. This intelligent little camera recognizes faces, so it knows if there’s someone it hasn’t seen before wandering around. When you use the connected..

Thanks to the Minut Smart Home Alarm, you can stop buying a bunch of different smart home gadgets because one will do. This all-in-one gadget is actually a motion detector, temperature and humidity monitor, mold analyzer, and alarm recognizer. It..

Price: $69.99
Chances are, you still have some regular light bulbs in your house that haven’t yet been upgraded to smart bulbs. Well, with the Brilliant Smart Dimmer Integrated Light Switch, you can make those standard bulbs more intelligent. This smart switch..

Price: $TBA
Philips Hue Resonate Sleek Outdoor LampMake your home’s entryway stand out with the Philips Hue Resonate Sleek Outdoor Lamp. This wall-mounted lamp looks great on its own, but the sleek, triangular light it produces is what makes it unique. Shining out the top and bottom,..

Price: $TBA
Philips Hue Attract Glass Outdoor LampThere’s no reason to stick with boring light fixtures when the Philips Hue Attract Glass Outdoor Lamp exists. With a black metal mounting fixture, the lamp itself has a conical glass shape. This design helps the Attract create an arc-shaped..

Price: $249
Level Invisible Smart LockStop worrying about forgetting your keys with the Level Invisible Smart Lock. This smart lock provides keyless entry to your home—or vacation house or office. You connect this invisible lock to the app on your smartphone, and you’ll be able..

Price: $79.95
Eve Systems Water Guard Smart Leak DetectorMaybe you’ve been there before: waking up to a basement full of water with your appliances and storage ruined. The Eve Systems Water Guard  Smart Leak Protector is a way to prevent that disastrous experience. Every year, homeowners are plagued..

Price: $199
Abode Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security CameraYou always want to know what’s going on inside and outside of your home. The Abode Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera helps you have eyes everywhere. The smart camera is usable anywhere you’d like video coverage. You can mount it on..

Price: $149.95
Eve Systems Eve Cam Secure CameraOur homes are our most private spaces. That’s why the Eve Systems Eve Cam Secure Camera keeps footage of your home safe. Developed exclusively for the Apple HomeKit Secure Video, this camera features no registration and no cloud. While it..

Price: $29.99
Sengled Smart Hub Intelligent ControllerControlling your Sengled smart home devices will be super easy with the Sengled Smart Hub Intelligent Controller. This hub comes with a corresponding mobile app that works on Android and iOS. It’s perfect for controlling your devices easily on the..

Price: $299
Ring Access Controller Pro Secure Gate OpenerYou know how convenient it is to use your smart lock to unlock your front door from anywhere. With the Ring Access Controller Pro Secure Gate Opener, you can do the same thing with your gate. When connected with the..

Price: $TBA
Sony Z8H Series Smart 8K Android TVOne of the best parts of the Sony Z8H Series Smart 8K Android TV is its accessory: the remote. This remote is backlit, making it easy to see when you’re watching a movie at night. And the television itself comes..

Price: $199.99
Blue Doorbell Camera HD CamSimply attach the Blue Doorbell Camera HD Cam to your exterior wall by your front door. Then, you’ll have better vision than you thought possible. In fact, this outdoor doorbell camera shows you who’s at the door in HD video..

Price: $199.99
Blue Outdoor Rechargeable Security CameraThe Blue Outdoor Rechargeable Security Camera might be discreet, but it provides a great view of what’s happening outside. With a 130-degree field of view, this outdoor cam ensures you see all the angles. Plus, it offers HD-quality video and..

Price: $249
Kwikset Halo Touch Fingerprint Smart LockThe Kwikset Halo Touch Fingerprint Smart Lock trades a number pad for a fingerprint scanner. In doing so, this smart lock is able to maintain a smaller size than previously. And though it’s small on the outside, this fingerprint lock..

Price: $199.99
Blue Indoor HD Security CameraYou can set up the Blue Indoor HD Security Camera quickly and easily on your own. Once you do, you’ll be ready to view and talk with anyone inside your home. And because it automatically stores video for up to..

Price: $TBA
If you are looking for a smart home security system that is truly worth a try, the Netatmo Smart Door Lock and Keys is what you must look forward to. The keys in this system are customizable, impossible to duplicate,..

Price: $250
One of the coolest features of the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera is the wireless design. You can install this camera anywhere around the house without worrying much about the messy installation procedure. Instead, this camera is easily rechargeable and..

Price: $3000
Poseidon Smart MirrorYou must have come across a lot of smart mirrors but the Poseidon Smart Mirror stands out by being customizable. You can not only customize it to sizes both big and small but also flip the orientation to either landscape..

Price: $14.99
Ring A19 & PAR38 Smart LED LightbulbsWhen you use either the Ring A19 & PAR38 Smart LED Lightbulbs, you simplify your life. These LED bulbs connect to the Ring app so you can manage your household lighting from anywhere. Because these smart LED lightbulbs are so..

Price: $229
Yale Home Smart Food Delivery BoxWith the power of Amazon at our fingertips, it’s easy to order everything online. From daily household items to food to wine clubs, we can have it all delivered right to our front door. And the Yale Home Smart Food..

Price: $219
The next time you have guests over, don’t worry about the way your home smells. Instead, invest in an AIRIA Smart Scent Device. This air freshener offers a personalized scent experience and refreshes up to 2,000 feet of space. That..

Price: $TBA
August Wi-Fi Smart LockMost smart locks require an additional bridge to connect, but you won’t need that anymore with the August Wi-Fi Smart Deadbolt Lock. This smart lock connects directly to your home wi-fi network and allows you to remotely lock or unlock..

Price: $29.99
Ring Smart Lighting SolarKeep the outdoors of your home lit up efficiently with the new Ring Smart Lighting Solar that works easily with sunlight. In fact, a few hours of sunlight exposure every day can keep these lights charged around the clock. It..

Price: $249
The life-responsive smart thermostat is on a wood table.The Ween Life-Responsive Smart Thermostat makes your life easier and saves you money. That’s a serious win-win. Built with the environment and your wallet in mind, this thermostat adapts to your lifestyle. By using GPS algorithms and 360-degree motion detection,..

Price: $199
Does your home already have an existing alarm system that’s less than user-friendly? The Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit DIY Setup can change that. Rather than rewiring your whole house and tossing out a perfectly good system, this DIY setup lets..

Price: $749
The Tivoli Audio Music System Home Smart Hi-Fi System has a lot going for it, as it’s both smart and beautiful. Its mid-century modern design fits in perfectly with a current style trend. But it’s also a powerful speaker with..

Price: $206
The rechargeable security camera is attached to a tree.Don’t complicate home security with the Litmor Battery Cam Rechargeable Security Camera. This small security camera works wirelessly anywhere. It’s a rechargeable cam that uses a 360-degree mount system, allowing you to place it anywhere. Inside or out, rain or..

Price: $89
The wireless smart lock is installed on a yellow door.Easy to install, the Wyze Lock Wireless Smart Lock will have you managing your front door in no time. Once it’s set up and connected with the Wyze app, you can remotely unlock and lock your door from anywhere with..

Price: $169
The all-in-one home security camera is on a counter with a bowl of green apples behind it.Don’t mess around with multiple gadgets when the Canary Pro All-in-One Home Security Camera can do it all. Not only can this home security device detect unusual activity, but it also won’t alert you about normal movements. What’s great is..

Price: $15.99
The smart Bluetooth light is on a table and emitting yellow light.With the PLAYBULB Candle Pro Smart Bluetooth Light, you can have the benefit of a candle without the fire hazard. This compact smart light gives you access to nearly 17 million color choices through its app. You can set the..

Price: $99
One of the wired and battery powered cameras is mounted on an exterior wall.Add security with the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired & Battery-Powered Cameras. These two cameras—one has a wired connection and one uses batteries—each record super clear 1080p HD video. Offering two-way audio and spotlights, they provide watchful protection. The Ring Spotlight..

Price: $199.99
A delivery person is putting a box in the package locker.No matter where you live, you’re at risk of having your packages stolen. Prevent that from happening with the Clevermade LockBox Package Locker. The delivery person puts your package inside the LockBox so it’s safe until you have a chance..

Price: $1099
GARDENA Smart SILENO City Robotic Lawnmower SetEffortlessly take care of your lawn with the GARDENA Smart SILENO City Robotic Lawnmower Set. Thanks to SensorCut Systems, this device can accurately mow your lawn for you. Compatible with urban gardens up to 500 m2, the GARDENA Smart SILENO..

Price: $299
The wearable personal thermostat is on a person's wrist.Enjoy comfortable temperatures regardless of your surroundings with the Embr Wave Wearable Personal Thermostat. This wearable helps you warm up or cool down, making you feel more comfortable in any situation. Simply press a button, and Embr Wave will instantly..

Price: $399
Alea Air Temperature Management SystemFinally, you can enjoy the same warmth in your whole home with the Alea Air Temperature Management System. Or if you prefer to have one room a little warmer and cozier than the others, you can do that too. That’s..

Price: $49.98
The intelligent indoor camera is on a table.The blurams Home Pro Intelligent Indoor Camera is a smart addition to your home security setup. Using AI facial recognition technology, this indoor cam knows who belongs and who doesn’t. Thanks to this feature, your smart indoor camera won’t notify..

What Is Smart Home Technology?

In the present world, there should be no denying that people will need to be environmentally friendly as a species. Going green and utilizing sustainable things is great for the environment, and it may help ensure the wellbeing of Earth. Many men and women care about the environment and would like to do their job to make matters better.

Smart houses are amazingly the latest frontier for green living. Throughout the past couple of decades, a lot of individuals have equated smart houses with technological elegance and relaxation. This is changing quickly, people begin beating the ways which you may create your smart house more sustainable.

One of the very best ways which you could accomplish so is by considering a number of the distinct smart home products which are available now. Let us take a look at a few of the ways an intelligent house can be ecofriendly.

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